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Changes to IMCA Diving Supervisor and LST Certificates

This information note reflects finalisation of previously announced changes relating to IMCA diving supervisor and life support technician (LST) certification. 

Withdrawal of Legislation Modules 

Information Note 1632 advised of the withdrawal of the UK legislation modules – the last such modules associated with these certification schemes. Previously, passing such modules has been indicated via endorsements to the certificate number such as 6500/UK/N/- or 6501/NONE. 

From 1 January 2024, new digital certificates will no longer include reference to legislation modules and will only display the certificate number. The IMCA certificate verification portal will similarly only display the certificate number, with a note explaining this change where relevant. 

Removal of the endorsement avoids a situation where those diving supervisors who are now unable to obtain these endorsements are compared unfavourably against existing holders. 

Existing endorsements remain valid and those who have achieved a pass in one or more legislation modules can provide their original certificate or physical certification card as evidence where requested. The IMCA secretariat can also verify these details but will refer to this note in any responses. 

Physical Certification Cards 

From 1 January 2024, only digital certificates (A4 format PDF files) will be issued to newly certified diving supervisors and LSTs. This reflects the prioritisation of online verification of certificates, including CPD completion for diving supervisors, and aligns with IMCA certification for other roles. 

Physical certification cards will be available for purchase (including replacement cards for existing holders) for those who desire them, subject to a fee that reflects the production, administrative and delivery costs. Ordering details will be made available on our website via

IMCA Certificate Verification Portal – 

The IMCA certificate verification portal (announced in August 2021 via information note 1571) has been well received by industry. Over 500 verification requests are made each month as contractors, clients and other stakeholders ensure the validity of certificates presented to them. The portal has been extended and now includes: 

  • IMCA certificates – live status of diving supervisor and LST certificates, plus accredited diving systems inspector (ADSI) and DP practitioner certificates, including CPD and revalidation status where relevant 
  • Approved training course certificate verification – trainee diving supervisor, assistant LST and diver medic courses plus new ROV course trainees using data from approved course providers (see information note 1626) 
  • Diver training certificate verification information – contact details for and online links to authorities providing IMCA-recognised diver training certificates (see Information Note 1394). 
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Bryan McGlinchy
Diving Consultant

Information Note Details

Published date: 12 December 2023
Information note ID: 1654

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