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CEO Update – March 2021

Welcome to the March edition of Making Waves, and for the first time since IMCA’s remote working started on 16 March 2020, we have a much more optimistic perspective of the prospect of returning to work in our London offices in the coming months. But irrespective of our locations, our work has continued unabated, and we have a busy programme ahead of us.  

Our committees have seen several changes over that past year, and we have now started the election cycle for the Offshore Survey Committee and others will follow during the year. I would like to extend our thanks to Sandy Steven, who now stands down as the Chair of the Lifting & Rigging Committee. Sandy has been a loyal and enthusiastic supporter of IMCA for many years and his pragmatic no-nonsense approach has helped drive this large committee in making great progress on a subject which is fundamental to offshore construction. We wish Sandy well in his future endeavours.  

Many thanks also go to the 500 individuals from almost 350 member companies who responded to our biennial survey; this is the best response in 4 years and the results will be posted on our website soon.  As mentioned last month, our request for data collection is equally important, and I would encourage our Contractor Members to submit their key safety data before the 9 April deadline, and for our Marine Contractor Members to submit their vessel fuel data – again all online.  

Congratulations go to all the finalists of our 2020 Annual Awards and special thanks to the winners: Saipem (Environmental Sustainability), Jumbo (Safety) and JFD (COVID Initiative). Please refer to more details later in this edition. We will be holding virtual award ceremonies in the coming months. 

Our Environmental Sustainability Committee has undergone considerable change in the past year and has made great progress. We have greatly accelerated the development of our ES Code of Practice, which is almost ready to start the structured consultation process for completion in June. Well done to Nadine Robinson (IMCA) and all our committee and workgroup members for their energy and dedication to this strategic goal. 

Finally, thanks go to our diving team and the Diving Division Management Committee, in particular Pete Sieniewicz (IMCA) for developing our impressive CPD programme for diving supervisors. This is receiving plenty of real-world support with over 750 users at this point in time. The IMCA board is fully supporting our ambition to expand this very popular and effective programme into other safety critical roles in our industry. 


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