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CEO Update – October 2021

Dear Members

Welcome to the October edition of Making Waves. Once again we have plenty of action to report on as we head into the last quarter of the year.

We held our Environmental Sustainability Seminar on September 28, which was a great success with experts from around the world supporting our Code of Practice and providing informed opinion on the way forward. The overarching message was clear; small practical steps can make way for significant change, but we must build momentum. A theme that will no doubt be recurring throughout COP26 in a few weeks’ time. A detailed report with key takeaways from the event can be found in this issue of Making Waves.

CPD and certification are proceeding at pace, with the expansion of the CPD for DPOs to include all key DP Personnel. Also, our Experienced Practitioner Accredited Diving System Inspector scheme was recently launched and nominations have been pouring in. The first exams are scheduled for 23 November and therefore we should have our first cohort of accredited inspectors in place by year end. This is the ‘grandfather’ scheme being put in place to facilitate our Accredited Diving System Inspector scheme which will launch in 2022. Watch a short video about the scheme.

Our diving supervisor CPD scheme continues to gain strength and we are receiving great feedback from industry. We have now incorporated a diving supervisor certificate verification scheme on our website, which should prove very useful for our contractor and energy company members. Historically, IMCA had maintained a list of certificate numbers which have for various reasons been withdrawn; the new system enables a quick search to check the validity of individual certificates and their associated CPD status. This should much improve the speed and accuracy of checking processes. The system will be expanded to cover all certification issued by IMCA.

I am sure that our members will be aware of some disturbing accounts of COVID amongst offshore crew members and the huge logistical challenges of navigating the plethora of travel restrictions and quarantine rules which vary from country to country. IMCA has been working with the DMAC committee for the last 18 months and published a great deal of guidance on mitigating health risks. We cannot stress the importance of the vaccination programme for all crew members and the risks to the health and careers of divers in particular. Please refer to the article from Bryan McGlinchy, IMCA’s Diving Manager.

IMCA has been closely involved with the offshore wind energy market for 10 years and published a good deal of highly relevant and useful guidance in this area. Our engagement with a wide range of stakeholders in the form of regulators, trade associations, and potential new members is in good shape. For example, we are part of the  Industry Collaboration Committee (ICC) involving G+, GWO, Wind Europe, RenewableUK, American Clean Power, and SafetyOn. The goals are wide ranging and include sharing information on health and safety issues, eliminating duplication, communicating good practice, and strengthening links with others in the industry. These are positive developments and we will play a key role in achieving these goals. Finally, the conference business in London is now back in full swing judging by the recent Global Offshore Wind Conference with 3,000+ actual attendees from all corners of the industry – a welcome change from the restrictions of lockdown.

Thank you again for your support, and stay safe and heathy everyone.

Allen Leatt

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