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IMCA eCMID workshop to be held in Stavanger

IMCA is holding its next regular workshop to engage with the eCMID community including vessel operators, inspectors, and clients on Monday 29 May at Oceaneering International’s facility in Stavanger, Norway. Like all such workshops in 2017, has as its core theme how IMCA vessel inspection tools can assist in vessel assurance efforts for offshore contractors – in particular, for vessels brought out of lay-up, and as part of ISM code requirements.

eCMID Update #12 – February 2017

In issue #12: Behind the scenes of the AVI programme with Hilary Excell of IIMS The eCMID events calendar for 2017 Latest eCMID database statistics

Change is in the air for IMCA's eCMID

From January 2018 the International Marine Contractors Association’s (IMCA) will recognise only formal inspection reports conducted using its eCMID database, meaning that paper reports not uploaded into the database will […]

eCMID Update #11 – August 2016

In this issue: Revised versions of CMID and MISW published; Watermarking and report cyber security; The AVI scheme: one year in; Continuing professional development points at eCMID events; What is coming next?

eCMID Update #10 – February 2016

In this issue: A big year for CMID in 2015, more to come this year; CMID v9 adopts ISO 19011; CMID and cyber security; an interview with the first AVI; 2016 course programme.

CMID Accreditation Scheme update

Congratulations to Peter Solvang, Managing Director of DP & Marine Assurance Norway and Johan Bager, MD/Principal Surveyor at marine-surveyors.euon becoming some of the first CMID Accredited Vessel Inspectors (AVIs). The […]

Countdown to CMID V9 continues

When IMCA members flocked to Copenhagen in March for EWEA Offshore 2015, we saw it as an ideal opportunity to reach them by hosting a seminar in conjunction with the […]

eCMID Update #9 – December 2014

In this issue, we introduce the new members of IMCA’s CMID team and look forward to the changes planned for CMID issue 9 and the accreditation of vessel inspectors.

eCMID Update #8 – October 2013

In this issue: eCMID database statistics, guidance on annual inspections, forthcoming workshops and plans for the future – the next issue of the CMID and a possible mobile/tablet app.

eCMID Update #7 – May 2013

CMID Update is a quarterly newsletter related to the IMCA M 149 CMID inspection and the associated eCMID database, The newsletter keeps readers up to date with changes to […]

eCMID and CMID inspection report guidance

The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) Common Marine Inspection Document (CMID) and its electronic version eCMID have proved invaluable by providing a standard format for inspection of offshore vessels. Its […]

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