Leg entanglement from Tag Line during cargo operations

What happened?

An AB got his leg entangled with a tag line during lifting operations. The incident occurred when a vessel was alongside a rig offloading cargo. The AB attached the aft tag line to a container, then laid out the tag line on deck and proceeded to inform the crane operator to lift the container. As the container was lifted from the deck, the tag line entangled the right leg of the AB and began to lift him from the deck. He was able to grab the tag line with both hands preventing it from constricting his thigh and so preventing a serious injury. Although he had a radio he was unable to use it as both hands were preventing the rope from tightening around his leg.

The other AB on the deck upon seeing the incident immediately radioed to the crane operator to lower the load and the AB was released.

What were the causes? What went wrong?

  • Clear deck policy was not considered in the risk assessment in the context of cargo operations;

There was limited situational awareness