Provisions Crane damaged by Main Deck Crane

What happened?

During vessel mobilization the boat cradle had to be shifted from centre of the main deck towards the starboard side closer to the accommodation. The Main Crane was used for this lift and the Provisions Crane was parked in standby facing aft. While slewing the Main Crane to starboard, the Main Crane jib crane came into contact with the jib on the Provisions Crane. The Provisions crane was inspected after impact and mechanical damage was found on the slewing gear and pinion gear.

What were the causes? What went wrong?

  • The Provisions Crane was in the blind spot of the Main Crane operator cabin;
  • The Banksman was focusing on the lift and not the position of the Provisions Crane;
  • The Provisions Crane had been left parked facing aft in standby;
  • The person who had most recently operated the Provisions Crane had not been part of the mobilization plan toolbox talk.


  • All crew and mobilization team to be included in the mobilization plan toolbox talk;
  • A procedure would be implemented for parking the Provisions Crane;
  • An emphasis would be placed on communication and awareness for the crane operator and banksman as well as the mobilization team.