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DP station keeping event bulletins enhance the traditional reporting and analysis of dynamic positioning station keeping events and incidents. They ensure that the industry is provided with prompt feedback, including anonymous factual case studies of events reported to IMCA.

Individual DP events are available individually online, tagged and searchable, while the traditional PDF collections are also available for download.

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All members are encouraged to contribute relevant DP information by using our reporting template which is available under Submit a Report where you will also see details on how to submit your information.

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Richard Purser
Technical Adviser - Marine

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Swift action saved stress – Know your vessel

Comments from the report: This is a positive report which highlights how familiarity of Key DP Personnel with the vessels Critical DP systems can lead to a successful outcome following […]

| Included in IMCA DP Event Bulletin 04/21

Action Error – Was an ASOG in Place?

Considerations of the IMCA Marine DP Committee from the above event: This was a simple case of Key DP personnel not being included in the ASOG process, the ASOG should […]

| Included in IMCA DP Event Bulletin 04/21

Case study – DPO certification deception

Case narrative A new senior DPO had been appointed to a DP equipment class 2 vessel via a crewing agent. It was found after joining that his experience and certification […]

| Included in IMCA DP Event Bulletin 03/18

High voltage breaker trip – DP observation

Comments: Investigation started at the breaker for DG No. 5 in the port switchgear room. The breaker showed tripped and there was a fault present on the auto voltage regulator (AVR). DG No. 5 […]

| Included in IMCA DP Event Bulletin 03/17

Rip tide presents problems – DP observation

Comments It was a single rip tide and when it had passed the vessel was set up back in automatic position mode. There was clear evidence that a degraded performance […]

| Included in IMCA DP Event Bulletin 02/17

Unintentional deselection of a DP control function

Considerations from the above event: This event highlights the possible consequences of deselecting critical DP system buttons. Significant changes to any system should not be made during critical phases of […]

| Included in IMCA DP Event Bulletin 02/16

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