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IMCA puts dynamic positioning developments in the spotlight

Published on 24 January 2018

  • IMCA’s Andy Goldsmith to speak at European DP conference
  • IMCA provides DP event reporting across marine construction industry

The International Marine Contractors Association’s (IMCA) Capt Andy Goldsmith, Technical Adviser – Marine, will be speaking on crucial aspects of Dynamic Positioning (DP) at the European DP Conference in London on 6 February.

IMCA has been at the forefront of DP since it was first introduced to the offshore industry. Guidance and station keeping event reports provided by IMCA Members are used throughout the industry.

Capt Goldsmith explains:

“Working with IMCA members on the preparation of vital guidance aimed at increasing safety and efficiency is key for the industry. Reviewing DP station keeping event reports and producing DP event bulletins are principal learning tools for DP personnel. Vessel operators who contribute to the scheme are entitled to display the IMCA Certificate of Participation on the bridge of their vessels.

“All our efforts are concentrated on ensuring greater operational safety and efficiency within the DP fleet.”

At the conference, Andy Goldsmith will speak about regulation and significant industry developments. This will include operational activity planning coupled with IMCA guidance and IMO requirements, the reactivation of DP vessels, the possible accreditation for DP Assurance and Trials Practitioners, and the importance of DP station keeping event reporting.

IMCA documents on DP include: Guidelines for the design and operation of dynamically positioned vessels, The training and experience of key DP personnel, and Guidance for developing and conducting DP annual trials programmes.

IMCA has been nominated for the inaugural Offshore Support Journal Dynamic Positioning Award for its consolidated DP guidelines to be presented on 7 February.

Links to IMCA’s catalogue of DP guidance documents, logbooks, competence reporting, and event reporting is at