The US Gulf of Mexico is a key market in the oil and gas industry and IMCA is represented along the entire Gulf Coast by the biggest players in the business. The 10 top-tier members alone employ approximately 8,000 skilled people in the US onshore in 70+ offices and facilities and over 1,000 American seafarers. These are American workers in American jobs paying US Federal and State taxes.

The unique and state-of-the-art fleet of vessels owned and operated by IMCA member companies has played a pivotal role in deep water developments in the Gulf of Mexico and around the globe. To put this into the proper perspective, none of the existing deep-water infrastructure would exist in the US Gulf without these vessels being available and having lawful access to work here.

Developments in ever deeper water continue to push technology to the limits and our member companies have responded by investing billions of dollars to meet these challenging requirements. With such significant investments, coupled with the competitive nature of the offshore market, these vessels must work in multiple regions around the world. There is no single domestic market that can support the capital requirements alone.

IMCA is an avid supporter (and charterer) of the Jones Act fleet of offshore support vessels and transportation barges. Clearly the Gulf of Mexico has been able to flourish because of the combination of our unique fleets, and the excellent cooperation we have had by co-existing for the past 40 years. One does not go without the other and together we have a common goal to see an increase of activity to support US energy independence.