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MSF: Corrosion in fire-fighting equipment

What happened

The Marine Safety Forum (MSF) has published Safety Alert 22-09 relating to observations involving the CO2 firefighting system onboard a  vessel. Significant corrosion was found during routine monthly inspection of the fixed CO2 system,.  This resulted in it not being possible to insert the safety pin to isolate the cylinder during any maintenance.

What went wrong

See Photo A below, which shows the safety lever and pin, unable to be positioned correctly in line with the pinhole. In Photo B after corrective maintenance and repair, it can clearly be seen that the activator arm, and therefore the safety pin aligns with the hole and can now be set to isolation for maintenance if required.

The MSF notes that it cannot be stressed enough, that critical firefighting systems must be maintained and checked correctly and in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations. This is to ensure that it is fit for purpose, and always ready to be activated or isolated correctly for vital maintenance.

The routine, regular maintenance of any safety critical system should be afforded the best attention, care and time as these may, if looked after correctly, save your life. Please show them the proper attention they deserve.

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