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IMCA safety flashes disseminate important information on incidents and potential hazards and the lessons learnt from them that can help prevent incidents occurring elsewhere in the industry.

Individual safety events are available individually online, tagged and searchable, while the traditional PDF collections are also available for download.

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All members are encouraged to contribute relevant safety-related information – please visit our Safety Flash Reporting page for details on the submission process.

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Three hand injuries

Incident 1: Fingers and Hands in Rotating Machinery – Employee’s Hand Severed by Machinery A company supplying aluminium parts was fined after an employee suffered serious injuries when using a […]

| Included in IMCA Safety Flash 14/19

LTI: head injury

What happened? A provisions lift onboard a vessel became stuck.  The chief engineer was called to attempt a repair.  During assessment of the problem, the lift dropped whilst his head […]

| Included in IMCA Safety Flash 06/19

Hand injury during closing of hatch

What happened? Four crewmen made a journey by small boat to inspect an SPM and floating hoses.  After completion of the inspection and maintenance work, two of them were closing […]

| Included in IMCA Safety Flash 06/19

Latent trip hazards

What happened? A member reports several trip hazards in vessel machinery spaces.  On one occasion, a crew member entered the emergency generator room, stepped on an exposed support gusset, and […]

| Included in IMCA Safety Flash 06/19

High potential near miss: anchor brake failure

The Marine Safety Forum (MSF) have released Safety Alert 18-25 regarding a potentially fatal near miss incident during dry-docking. A vessel’s anchors were ranged on the dock bottom for inspection […]

| Included in IMCA Safety Flash 29/18

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