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IMCA publishes new contracts

The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) has published the updated Contract for the Provision of ROV, Support Vessel and Associated Work (based on BIMCO Supplytime 89) – IMCA R 013 Rev, 1 and a new second publication based on BIMCO Supplytime 2005 (IMCA R 017), which is used by many IMCA members. Both set out relevant additional clauses and variations relevant to ROV operations. Each IMCA member is free to enter into whatever contracts it deems to be in its own interests. In publishing this contract, IMCA is aiming to raise awareness on contracting matters among IMCA members and their

IMCA's Marine Construction Contract revised and re-issued

The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) has published a variety of guides, templates and discussion documents aimed at raising awareness on contracting issues (including liability and insurance), promoting discussion and providing tools that may be useful for its contractor members, their clients and sub-contractors. All are subject to revision to ensure usefulness to all stakeholders and that it just what has happened to a key document – ‘IMCA Marine Construction Contract’, with revision to others relating to offshore survey and ROV work in the pipeline. All are designed to aid clients and contractors alongside their in-house standard contracts and other