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Making Waves #61 – December 2011

Making Waves 61 (PDF) Highlights from issue 61 of Making Waves Include: Full report from the New Orleans seminarSpotlight on Roy HayIMCA seeks new staffLatest CMID update

IMCA puts DP in the spotlight

As befits the 50th anniversary of the advent of dynamic positioning (DP), the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) has turned the spotlight on this invaluable technology. Earlier this year ‘Guidance for developing and conducting annual DP trials programmes for DP vessels’ (IMCA M 190) was published. Now a complementary publication ‘Example of an Annual DP Trials Report’ (IMCA M 212) is available for free download from the IMCA website. IMCA’s new DP publicationsIMCA M 190 describes the development, conduct and management of annual DP trials programmes for all types of vessels equipped with DP systems meeting the requirements of International

IMCA publishes ROV statistics for 2010

A snapshot of people working world-wide with remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) on two days in February and August 2010 – and the number of vehicles in use on the same two days – is revealed by the latest statistics produced by the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA). These show that in February 2010 a total of 3,185 ROV superintendents, supervisors, pilot techs (all grades) and offshore ROV support personnel were working with 528 vehicles; and in August 2010 the figures had risen to 3,408 and 577 respectively. “After many years collecting ROV personnel statistics for the North Sea area (Denmark,

IMCA publishes diver/ROV mattress handling guidelines

Reference material based on ‘best industry practice’ and the historical experience of a wide range of onshore and offshore disciplines dealing with issues associated with concrete mattresses has been brought together in ‘Guidelines for Diver and ROV Based Concrete Mattress Handling, Deployment, Installation, Repositioning and Decommissioning’ (IMCA D042 Rev 1 / IMCA R016) published by the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA). “This guidance document was originally prepared under the direction of the IMCA Diving Division Management Committee,” explains Jane Bugler, IMCA’s Technical Director. “This revision has been updated by the Remote Systems & ROV Division Management Committee to include reference

IMCA publishes guidelines for oxy-arc cutting

The International Marine Contractors Association’s (IMCA) newly published ‘Guidelines for Oxy-Arc Cutting’ (IMCA D 003 Rev 1) has five main aims – to improve safety and efficiency; to consider the selection of subsea cutting methods; to place more emphasis on risk assessment prior to commencing a job; to provide operational considerations; and to provide preventative maintenance guidance for equipment. Like many of IMCA’s guidance documents it is available for free downloading from the IMCA website at with printed copies also available. “Oxygen-arc cutting is an oxygen cutting process in which metal is severed by means of the chemical reaction

IMCA publishes world-wide diving personnel statistics

Figures published by the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) reveal that globally there was a reduction in offshore diving work in 2010, compared with 2009, possibly due to the economic environment. A peak of close to 3,500 diving personnel was employed offshore world-wide by 43 IMCA members (i.e. those who responded to the call for data). This compares with a peak of 4000 from 35 reporting companies last year so the reduction does not stem from fewer reports received. They also show that air diving operations exceeded saturation diving by approximately 50%, with a trend reversal in IMCA’s Europe &

New Orleans – the right venue at the right time for IMCA annual seminar

Delegates from all over the world will be gathering in New Orleans in a matter of weeks for the 19th Annual Seminar of the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA). With its theme ‘The Future of Marine & Subsea Operations’, the two day event gets off to a flying start on Wednesday 9 November with a powerful keynote address session involving five key players in the industry addressing the seminar theme – to be followed the next day by a BOEMRE keynote address. “We are delighted to be welcoming IMCA President Andy Woolgar of Subsea 7, Gary Luquette of Chevron E&P;

IMCA publishes DP station keeping incidents 2009 and requests input to 2010 report

The sharing of information on incidents is essential as an aid to improved safety, with each one improving the knowledge base of other organisations undertaking similar activities. This is why the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) publishes an annual report on dynamic positioning (DP) station keeping incidents. The report on incidents in 2009 has just been published (IMCA M 211) and IMCA is requesting that details on any incidents in 2010 not already reported should be submitted as soon as possible. “We would encourage everyone to report their incidents, the yearly station keeping incident volumes we produce can only be

IMCA publications available in Portuguese and Spanish

Eight key publications from the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) have been translated into both Latin American Portuguese and Spanish and are now available for downloading on the IMCA website at “The availability of these versions for the Southern and Central American regions reflects the increasing internationalisation of the association and the growing number of IMCA members working in those waters, and employing specialists from these regions,” explains Hugh Williams, Chief Executive of IMCA, who has just returned from the quarterly section meeting in Rio de Janeiro, which included a presentation on training, competence and personnel shortages – a

Annual DP trials under the conference spotlight

Annual dynamic positioning (DP) trials for DP vessels will come under the conference spotlight when Ian Giddings, Technical Adviser – Marine, International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) speaks at the 15th Marine Technology Society (MTS) DP conference 11-12 October 2011 in Houston, Texas. As he explains:”The 50th anniversary of dynamic positioning allows us the opportunity to look back – as well as forward. Conducting annual DP trials on DP vessels has been the accepted method of testing the DP system and verifying its operation for a number of years now – though not throughout those 50 years. “To aid those carrying

Corporate' competence key to improving offshore safety

Andy Woolgar of Subsea 7, President of the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) raises the issue of elevating competence from the marine contracting sector’s offshore workplace to onshore and management personnel and ‘corporate’ competence in his President’s letter in the latest issue of IMCA’s quarterly newsletter ‘Making Waves’. “The standard components of qualifications, skills and experience that are demonstrated and assessed are harder to pin to a corporation,” he writes.”But being tough does not mean it should not be done.” As background to these thoughts, he explains that IMCA members work hard to deliver safe and efficient projects.”Much of IMCA’s

Guidance on the Use of Simulators published by IMCA

A slim 18-page volume published by the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) marks a significant piece of work in the quest for increasing levels of competence within the marine contracting industry. “Guidance on the Use of Simulators (IMCA C 014 Rev. 1) is a fundamental piece of work, for it emphasises the increased importance placed by the industry on the use of simulators,” explains IMCA’s Chief Executive, Hugh Williams.”Simulation is proving its worth in the quest for the best way for individuals or teams to undertake a task efficiently and safely, and is thus often used for work planning/mission planning

IMCA to hold briefing seminar in Baku

A free-to-attend morning seminar will be held by the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) at the Hyatt Baku on Thursday 6 October in order to introduce IMCA, its role, activities and membership to companies active in Azerbaijan’s marine contracting sector. “The briefing seminar is open to all interested parties and is aimed at IMCA members, oil company representatives, contractors, consultants and anyone interested in marine contracting within the offshore oil and gas industry,” explains IMCA’s Technical Director, Jane Bugler.”We look forward to meeting all interested in the work of our association, which represents the interests of over 800 companies in

IMCA vessel assurance workshop

A systematic, and common, approach to vessel assurance is seen increasingly as invaluable to both owners and operators eager to improve safety and efficiency. It is an approach that encourages self-audit, promotes good record keeping and provides a means to demonstrate capability/status of compliance with identified requirements. With this in mind, the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) published guidance on vessel assurance (IMCA M 204) last year and now, by means of their first Vessel Assurance Workshop, will turn ‘words into action’. “Our afternoon-long workshop being held Monday 12 September at Trinity Hall Aberdeen is free to attend and aims

Making Waves #60 – September 2011

Making Waves 60 (PDF) Highlights from issue 60 of Making Waves Include: IMCA forms the Renewable Energy WorkshopPublications available as free downloadsNew joint IMCA/OGP GNSS publicationSpotlight on Joar GangenesCompetence workshop

IMCA membership hits the 800-mark

The International Marine Contractors Association (Stand number 1D64) is marking this year’s SPE Offshore Europe by announcing the passing of a major membership milestone – over 800 member companies from 61 countries. “We have actually reached 808 member companies around the globe, a net increase of over 60 during 2011; of over a hundred since this time last year; and 200 more than at the time of Offshore Europe 2009,” explains IMCA’s Chief Executive, Hugh Williams. “These constant increases in membership are highly gratifying and enormously important in increasing IMCA’s recognition around the world. “The overall increase is around 9%,

eCMID Update #2 – September 2001

CMID Update is a quarterly newsletter related to the IMCA M 149 CMID inspection and the associated eCMID database, The newsletter keeps readers up to date with changes to the CMID, changes to the eCMID database and other developments, such as CMID workshops.

From the President – June 2011

IMCA is a multi-faceted trade association. It covers a wide membership of all types of companies, all around the world, dealing with all forms of marine construction. I would like to remark on some apparently disparate events and draw together a few separate threads. Several new members have joined, and amongst them are the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers(OGP) – our second reciprocal membership with a parallel organisation – and a large international oil company that, plus one other, brings the Corresponding membership to 79. We have worked with these two companies on several matters for some time,

Making Waves #59 – June 2011

Making Waves 59 (PDF) Highlights from issue 59 of Making Waves Include: Competence workshops reportsNew IMCA contracts materialsNina Adams retiresNew safety promotion materialsRevision of CMID and databaseSpotlight on Giorgio Martelli

eCMID Update #1 – May 2011

CMID Update is a quarterly newsletter related to the IMCA M 149 CMID inspection and the associated eCMID database, The newsletter keeps readers up to date with changes to the CMID, changes to the eCMID database and other developments, such as CMID workshops.