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Workshops reveal DP community’s views on GHG ambitions 

Last year IMCA held two workshops with the Dynamic Positioning (DP) community covering GHG emissions and the challenges for the industry to meet the more stringent IMO GHG Targets for the offshore fleet worldwide.   Held at the DP Asia Conference in Singapore in June 2023 and at the IMCA Regional Meeting in Rio de Janeiro on 9 November 2023, the two workshops reveal differing regional perspectives, as well as common concerns around the new interim targets.   In both Rio and Singapore, workshop participants were experienced DP professionals who shared their knowledge gained from years of working offshore.  Overall, both regions

Event analysis reveals common causes of DP failure

IMCA shares new detailed analysis of Dynamic Positioning (DP) station keeping events reported in 2023. Dynamic Positioning Station Keeping Review – Incidents and Events Reported for 2023 (IMCA M266), offers a comprehensive review of the 177 separate DP events submitted to IMCA in the last calendar year. These came from 133 distinct vessels. The analysis provided enables the industry to identify emerging trends, and IMCA to highlight areas which require additional focus, developing targeted guidelines and best-practice. It also feeds into our Continuous Professional Development (CPD) scheme, which has an ongoing focus on professional learning and adherence to the safest

New recommended practice aims to improve safety in shallow waters

The rise of offshore wind means specialist vessels are increasing their activity in shallow waters. With this in mind, we have released Guidance which aims to support Dynamic Positioning (DP) operations in shallow waters. Recommended Practice for Shallow Water DP Operations (IMCA M263) expands on topics mentioned in previous IMCA Guidance, offering a broader understanding of DP operations in waters where more fixed assets can be found in condensed work areas and where the increased numbers of vessels can raise the risk of collision. M263 will assist land-based project managers to better understand time scales and processes and adjust expectations

Safer DP Annual Trials as IMCA reviews M 190 and M 191 following industry collaboration

We have updated our Code of Practice for Developing and Conducting DP Annual Trials Programmes and the Code of Practice for DP Annual Trials for Mobile Offshore Drilling Units. The revisions were designed to strengthen industry practices and eliminate some of the less safe processes around Dynamic Positioning (DP) remote trials adopted gradually before the COVID-19 pandemic and inadvertently legitimised by it. The changes to IMCA M 190 and M 191 raise the standard of DP annual trials and enforce a more robust interpretation of IMCA guidelines. The updates are written in clearer, more definite language to discourage misinterpretation when

New guidelines for DP diving and umbilical management

IMCA is pleased to announce the publication of IMCA D 010 Rev. 4 Diving Operations from Vessels Operating in a Dynamically Positioned Mode and IMCA D 078 Guidance on Diving Umbilical Management. The two documents are closely related, and to conduct Dynamic Positioning (DP) diving operations safely, it is essential to follow the guidance contained in both publications. All sections of IMCA D 010 were closely reviewed during the revision process and the guidance now represents the latest industry thinking on the safe and effective management of DP diving projects. IMCA Contact Bryan McGlinchy Diving Consultant Contact Error: Contact form

New Code of Practice boosts safety of offshore DP Operations

IMCA has updated key guidance relating to the training and experience of Key Dynamic Positioning (DP) Personnel. Reflecting recent industry developments, the changes to IMCA M 117 The Training and Experience of Key DP Personnel cover new requirements for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) while removing several ambiguities which had the potential for accidental or intentional misinterpretation. As a result of these improvements, the document has been regraded to a Code of Practice for IMCA Members, rather than recommended best-practice. This means that IMCA expects the highest-level of compliance on the updated content and approaches outlined in M 117 and reinforces

Module four launches on IMCA Key Personnel DP App

We are delighted to share details of the latest addition to our IMCA Key Personnel DP App, with a fourth module released focusing on field arrival trials, SIMOPS and laser position references. The update comes following the introduction of new rules by the Nautical Institute which require Dynamic Positioning Operators to demonstrate Continuing Professional Development (CPD) throughout their careers. The IMCA Key Personnel DP App is one means of ensuring that DP Operators can simply meet their new CPD requirements cost-effectively. An NI accredited scheme, it links directly to users’ profiles in the NI’s Alexis platform, providing ongoing proof of

DP Conference: Shaping the future of Dynamic Positioning

150 attendees from around the world joined IMCA in Amsterdam for the 2023 edition of its Dynamic Positioning conference. Bringing the industry together to hear from industry leaders, join in sector-wide discussions and debates, and receive the latest from IMCA on guidance and certification, our two-day annual conference is a great opportunity for attendees to shape the future of Dynamic Positioning. Across a full programme of high-profile industry speakers, interactive industry sessions and workshops, quickfire innovation presentations, as well as ample opportunities for professional networking, the Conference fostered a positive and collaborative culture driving the industry forward. Day one saw

IMCA DP Conference 2024

IMCA’s ever popular Dynamic Positioning (DP) Conference returns to the Steigenberger Hotel, Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam on Tuesday 21 to Wednesday 22 May 2024.  The two-day technical seminar welcomes the world of DP to explore the latest trends, best-practice, and innovation and underpinning this is a focus on improving offshore safety. Alongside a keynote address from IMCA CEO Iain Grainger, the two-day Conference showcases thought leadership and best practice from a range of organisations including the Nautical Institute, Petrobras, DNV, Subsea7, Valaris, Simwave and Kongsberg Maritime. It also features the latest thinking from IMCA on DP and Safety. Interactive workshops on

IMCA launches new industry awareness campaign

IMCA has launched a new industry awareness campaign following the introduction of new rules by the Nautical Institute (NI) which require Dynamic Positioning (DP) Operators to demonstrate Continuing Professional Development (CPD) throughout their careers. Commenting on the new rules, Captain John Lloyd, Chief Executive at the NI, said: “While our changes are being gradually introduced over the coming years as DP Operators revalidate their certificates, how the new CPD requirements are going to be met will need to be considered by Operators as soon as possible.” To support the industry in understanding these changes, and what it means in practice

Quickfire line up announced for IMCA’s DP Conference

IMCA’s Quickfire, Totally Technology Session provides an opportunity for businesses – often small and medium sized companies – to showcase their ideas and innovations to industry leaders in a lively, engaging and inspiring way.  A regular feature of IMCA’s event programme, we are delighted to share the companies that will be presenting at this year’s DP Conference which takes place in Amsterdam on 9-10 May 2023: CorePower Energy, with a presentation entitled “New nuclear for Maritime” Oceaneering will present their C-Nav LEO positioning solution. Onestep Power’s presentation explores their Designed for Validation (D4V) concept.  Sonardyne will present their SPRINT-Nav, Ship Position Reference System. The Switch will share their Semiconductor-based protection concept, which allows DP operations with closed bus ties in DC

Karen Davis, OCIMF is keynote speaker at DP Conference 2023

IMCA is delighted to announce the keynote speaker for its Dynamic Positioning (DP) Conference 2023, which takes place in Amsterdam on 9 and 10 May.   Karen Davis, managing director of the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF), will share her insights and experiences with delegates, exploring collaboration, safety and the direction of industry.  The Conference is aimed at those involved in offshore energy DP operations, both renewable and oil & gas, providing an opportunity for IMCA members and the wider industry to come together to explore technical and regulatory issues in DP. The outputs from the Conference will help formulate

NI and IMCA Launch a third module for DP CPD APP

The Nautical Institute (NI) and the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) continue to build on their Key Dynamic Positioning (DP) Personnel continuing professional development (CPD) app with the launch of a third module.  The newly launched Module 3 comprises individual lessons around the subjects of classification societies, Satellite based position reference systems, DP drills & exercises, DP station keeping event case studies, Introduction to different mission types, then delves into mission specific DP operations – diving support, DP shuttle tankers, cable lay / repair, service operations vessels (SOVs). Future modules will see all mission types explained considering Position Reference Systems

European Dynamic Positioning Conference 2023

Technology. Training. Safety Returning to its regular place in your calendar, the annual European Dynamic Positioning Conference will be held in London 7 February 2023.  The European Dynamic Positioning conference provides a platform to encourage exchange of information between the DP community. This one-day event will review market trends and drivers, remote DP tests and trials, DP application in the offshore wind sector, future fuels and autonomy. This year’s programme will review the latest technology and delve into the fields of training, recruitment and retention, certification, competency and human factors. Leading experts will discuss approaches to improving DP reliability, developing guidelines

Feature your innovative solution at IMCA’s DP Conference

The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) is inviting companies with new technology or innovations applicable to the offshore energy  industry to apply to take part in their ever-popular Quickfire, Totally Technology Session at the IMCA DP Conference 2023 (Amsterdam, 9-10 May 2023).Companies interested in being considered for a 10-minute presentation ‘against the clock’ slot in the session should send their proposed presentation; an abstract explaining the new (or evolving) technology or innovation (150 words max); and any additional supporting video/photographs/charts to [email protected] by 23:59 hrs GMT on 28 February 2023. Entrants should be companies, not individuals, and should be IMCA

IMCA schemes designed to improve DP safety

Two schemes run by the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) – the IMCA DP Practitioner Accreditation Scheme and their Key DP Personnel Continuing Professional Development (CPD) App (run with The Nautical Institute) – have a vital role to play in addressing the pressing issue of dynamic positioning (DP) becoming less safe, with human factors widely seen as the overwhelming cause. IMCA Contact Graeme Reid Technical Adviser – Marine Contact Error: Contact form not found. “We shared the worrying fact about increased numbers of events and incidents due to human factors with delegates at our DP Conference earlier this year, it

IMCA’s DP Expertise sought from Houston to Singapore

The International Marine Contractors Association’s (IMCA’s) expertise is acknowledged and sought all over the world; and its guidance, safety flashes, and dynamic positioning (DP) event reporting is followed by a global audience. Technical Adviser – Marine, Richard Purser’s involvement with two DP conferences within the space of five weeks and some 10,000 miles apart, exemplifies the interest in IMCA’s expertise and what IMCA is able to share on this subject. IMCA Contact Richard Purser Technical Adviser – Marine Contact Error: Contact form not found. IMCA Contact Graeme Reid Technical Adviser – Marine Contact Error: Contact form not found. On 11

IMCA publishes DP system network storm guidance

The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) has published ‘Guidelines for the Management of DP System Network Storms’ (IMCA M 259) to raise awareness of the risks presented by the use of data communication networks on dynamically positioned (DP) vessels, especially when used to connect otherwise redundant components of the DP control system, power system or thrusters. The general effects of so-called ‘network storms’ are to cause disruption of data communication over a network and/or degradation of network controller performance, although the exact symptoms may be unpredictable, inconsistent and may increase over time or appear instantaneously. As IMCA Technical Adviser –

IMCA’s DP Conference Report Available to all

The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) held its first two-day DP Conference for some years in May 2022 in Amsterdam and has now made the 34-page conference report available to all. This includes concise summaries of all sessions and presentations along with relevant graphs, charts, and most importantly some of the findings that emerged With attendees from around the world the conference was aimed at those involved in offshore renewable energy and offshore oil and gas DP operations. Engagement was excellent throughout the conference and attendee feedback was extremely positive. This will now become an annual event with the 2023

IMCA DP Conference 2023

We are proud to say that Dynamic Positioning is in our DNA as our heritage goes back to 1989 in this area. Following on from our successful Dynamic Positioning (DP) Conference in 2022, we are delighted to share details for our 2023 event: Keynote speaker, Karen Davis, Managing Director, OCIMF. Ask the industry Q&A session which will focus on the operational challenges and solutions experienced in switching between the oil & gas and wind sectors. Dr Steve Cargill, DNV is hosting a session focusing on the impact of hybrid on a vessel’s DP configuration. A dedicated session on offshore renewable