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Latest Publications – June 2021

To keep up to date new with documents and the latest revisions of our guidance visit the publications section of our website. Latest publications include :

IMCA ES 001 – Recommended Code of Practice on Environmental sustainability

You can read our Press Release, our At a glance summary or go straight to the document. Please note that there are two formats available for ES 001 – a plain text format and a brochure like format. The content is the same and both can we download from the publications library.

IMCA S027 – Guidelines on the Use of GNSS for Tide Calculations

You can read our Press Release, listen to a short podcast or go straight to the document:


IMCA D067 – The Effects of Underwater Currents on Divers’ Performance and Safety

Recently updated

Minor changes/ periodic review:

Please note the changes to these documents:

Latest Information Notes which includes and Bulletins can be found in the Publications section of our website.

  • IN 1563 published on 31 May – Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Guidance for Diving Contractors – Updated
    • This Information Note supersedes IMCA Information Note 1551 Rev. 2 which is withdrawn. The document has been prepared by IMCA Diving Division Members and members of the Diving Medical Advisory Committee (DMAC). It is also fully endorsed by the Working Committee of the International Diving Industry Forum (IDIF)

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