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Latest Publications – May 2021

To keep up to date new with documents and the latest revisions of our guidance visit the publications section of our website. Latest publications include :

IMCA D066 – Guidance of Surface Swimmers

You can read our Press Release, listen to a short podcast or go straight to the document:

Recently updated

  • IMCA R 0202/D 054 – Rev 0.2 Remotely operated vehicle intervention during diving operations
  • IMCA D 002 Rev .1 Limitations in the use of SCUBA offshore
  • IMCA D 007 Rev.1 Overboard scaffolding operations and their effect on diving safety
  • IMCA D 033 Rev.2 Battery packs in pressure housings
  • IMCA D 050 – Rev .1 Minimum quantities of gas required offshore
  • IMCA HSSE 029, M 214 – Rev.1 Mooring practice safety guidance for offshore vessels when alongside in ports and harbours
  • IMCA HSSE 007 Rev.3 Basic safety training and vessel induction for non-marine personnel working offshore
  • IMCA S 016 Rev. 2 Guidance on mobilisation requirements for offshore survey operations

Latest Information Notes which includes and Bulletins can be found in the Publications section of our website.

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