Making Waves iconMaking Waves #70 – March 2014

Highlights from issue 70 of Making Waves Include: IMCA’s Vision & Strategy and the targets set for this year Our Competence and Training action plan for 2014 Updates to key IMCA publications Important diving safety alerts Spotlight On Ashutosh Chaudhary of Marine Engineering Diving Services

Making Waves iconMaking Waves #69 – December 2013

Highlights from issue 69 of Making Waves Include: The report on IMCA’s record breaking Annual Seminar in Singapore IMCA’s Vision and Strategy update from the President, Massimo Fontolan The findings from our commercial diver training survey IMCA’s upcoming ROV Training seminar Spotlight On Paul Evans of Fugro

Making Waves iconMaking Waves #68 – October 2013

Highlights from issue 68 of Making Waves Include: Another successful Competence Seminar The MLC coming into force IMCA’s safety statistics report The revision to IMCA’s guidance on the use of simulators Spotlight On Carl Annessa

Making Waves iconMaking Waves #67 – July 2013

Highlights from issue 67 of Making Waves Include: FPSOs & Renewables: contracting issues addressed Website & social media update New competence initiatives IMCA Diver Medic Scheme revision Spotlight On Gavin Smith

Making Waves iconMaking Waves #66 – March 2013

Highlights from issue 66 of Making Waves Include: Preparing for MLC Brand New IMCA Publications Global Updates Spotlight on IMCA’S New Chief Executive, Chris Charman

Making Waves iconMaking Waves #63 – June 2012

Highlights from issue 63 of Making Waves Include: Report from our safety and environment seminar Spotlight on Dave Forsyth New MLC guidance DESIGN update Bridge team management

Making Waves iconMaking Waves #62 – March 2012

Highlights from issue 62 of Making Waves Include: Changes to STCW Convention IMCA competence workshops Diving certification schemes update ROV workshop Spotlight on Bill Russell-Cargill