Making Waves iconMaking Waves #74 – March 2015

Highlights from issue 74 of Making Waves include: Cyber Security: we reveal facts, look at the current state of play and consider the security practices needed by our industry CMID V9 and a vessel inspector accreditation scheme gets nearer IMCA on the Indonesian map New riser boundaries offshore Brazil

Making Waves iconMaking Waves #73 – December 2014

Highlights from issue 73 of Making Waves Include: Dynamic Positioning: an in depth interview with retiring IMCA specialist Ian Giddings, on developments, where DP is heading next and what IMCA’s role is. US offshore wind – ready to go IMCA Annual Seminar 2014 highlights and insights IMCA D 016 revision ‘in the bag’

Making Waves iconMaking Waves #70 – March 2014

Highlights from issue 70 of Making Waves Include: IMCA’s Vision & Strategy and the targets set for this year Our Competence and Training action plan for 2014 Updates to key IMCA publications Important diving safety alerts Spotlight On Ashutosh Chaudhary of Marine Engineering Diving Services

Making Waves iconMaking Waves #69 – December 2013

Highlights from issue 69 of Making Waves Include: The report on IMCA’s record breaking Annual Seminar in Singapore IMCA’s Vision and Strategy update from the President, Massimo Fontolan The findings from our commercial diver training survey IMCA’s upcoming ROV Training seminar Spotlight On Paul Evans of Fugro