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Making Waves #82 – Quarter 1, 2017

In this edition of IMCA’s newsletter, Making Waves, we go behind the scenes of the first US offshore wind project, with the President of Deepwater Wind and former IMCA SEL Committee Chairman, Chris van Beek. In a wide ranging interview, he gives us a look at some of the operational, logistical, regulatory and contractual challenges that were overcome to deliver the project. Other highlights of issue 82 include: Progress on the transition to the new governance arrangements in 2017, particularly committee member tools and elections This new website and changes to document access and classification Launch of the new series of safety video shorts

Making Waves advertising opportunities for 2017

Details of the advertising opportunities available in 2017 in Making Waves, our quarterly magazine are now available inthe Making Waves 2017 Media Pack. Exclusive to IMCA Supplier (S/S*) members, advertising in Making Waves is a great value way to reach our targeted global readership of marine contracting industry professionals. Download the media pack from our Making Waves information page.

Making Waves #81 – December 2016

This edition of IMCA’s newsletter, Making Waves, features a review of IMCA’s recent diving seminar, which took place in Aberdeen. The event focused on updates to IMCA’s DESIGN documents and the industry’s latest operational and technological approaches. Thanks to the considerable expertise in the room we made progress with an enormous range of topics over the course of the two days. Other highlights of issue 81 include: EGM supports IMCA governance update Security seminar urges members’ preparation IMCA’s Bryan McGlinchy talks under the ‘Spotlight’ on ‘the D 014 way’

Making Waves #80 – September 2016

This edition of IMCA’s newsletter, Making Waves, features an in-depth look at how safety remains a top priority for IMCA and its members, even in difficult market conditions. We look at safety initiatives IMCA is currently working on for its members and recap some of the resources available to them. We hear from experts on IMCA’s SEL committee about why safety is so important to them, and how you can be involved in IMCA safety initiatives too. Other highlights of issue 80 include: A review of IMCA’s latest Rope Forum event which tackled rope discard criteria A preview of the

Making Waves #79 – June 2016

New this issue! As you can see, for this issue, to improve the online reader’s experience, we’ve made Making Waves available to members as a ‘flip book’. We’d like to hear your thoughts on the new format. The newsletter is still available to open in your usual pdf viewer, to download or to print. What’s in issue 79? In this edition of IMCA’s newsletter, Making Waves, our focus article reviews our recent Contracts & Insurance Seminar, which took place in London. The key theme of the seminar was the deterioration in contracting terms in the post-Macondo and post-$100 barrel oil

Making Waves #78 – March 2016

In this edition of IMCA’s newsletter, Making Waves, our focus article tackles the hot topics of energy efficiency and environmental issues. Against the backdrop of COP21 and the ever-increasing need to operate in an environmentally friendly manner, we look at the latest emissions regulations and explore some of the new fuel, hull shape and technological solutions which could help our members achieve more efficient operations. Highlights of issue 78 Other highlights of issue 78 of Making Waves include: IMCA’s forthcoming ROV workshop at Oceanology International 2016 The need for balance between skills and technology in offshore diving The progress we

Making Waves #77 – December 2015

Highlights from issue 77 of Making Waves include: IMCA goes back to basics at its Annual Seminar Meet the Association’s new leaders: Allen Leatt, Chief Executive, and Richard Benzie, Technical Director Decommissioning opportunities open up Insight from an IMCA member, who switched from offshore oil and gas to insurance underwriting A report on the hot topics at NUI’s 2015 diving seminar

Making Waves #76 – September 2015

Highlights from issue 76 of Making Waves include: IMCA celebrates two decades: and looks to what’s on the horizon next A farewell to Jane Bugler An introduction to, and special editorial from, the new IMCA president: Bruno Faure A feature on the downturn in the OSV market Updates on key IMCA projects: DP, CMID and AVIs

Making Waves #75 – June 2015

Highlights from issue 75 of Making Waves include: Risky business: we tackle the issue of bribery in our industry, with some top tips from our members A focus on European Shipping Week and special report on the latest range of legislative updates The accredited vessel inspector scheme goes live India is the first to benefit from IMCA’s new global social events The cycle of IMCA guidance: how you can get involved in the process of producing our publications

Making Waves #74 – March 2015

Highlights from issue 74 of Making Waves include: Cyber Security: we reveal facts, look at the current state of play and consider the security practices needed by our industry CMID V9 and a vessel inspector accreditation scheme gets nearer IMCA on the Indonesian map New riser boundaries offshore Brazil

Making Waves #73 – December 2014

Highlights from issue 73 of Making Waves Include: Dynamic Positioning: an in depth interview with retiring IMCA specialist Ian Giddings, on developments, where DP is heading next and what IMCA’s role is. US offshore wind – ready to go IMCA Annual Seminar 2014 highlights and insights IMCA D 016 revision ‘in the bag’

Making Waves #72 – September 2014

Highlights from issue 72 of Making Waves Include: A focus on competence in the industry. What is it? And why is there an increasing need to demonstrate its value? Why confined spaces can be deadly IMCA sinks its teeth into bribery and corruption Lots more information and insight from the people who matter on the topics that matter

Making Waves #71 – June 2014

Highlights from issue 71 of Making Waves Include: A focus on the ROV personnel shortages – and how our initiatives are making a difference Working at height: a killer that we need to get under control Tips on avoiding a social media disaster Lots more information and insight from the people who matter on the topics that matter You will see in this issue that Making Waves has taken a step forward to enhance an already popular read. There are more pages, a new design and a new approach to the editorial to ensure that the magazine is more international,

Making Waves #70 – March 2014

Highlights from issue 70 of Making Waves Include: IMCA’s Vision & Strategy and the targets set for this year Our Competence and Training action plan for 2014 Updates to key IMCA publications Important diving safety alerts Spotlight On Ashutosh Chaudhary of Marine Engineering Diving Services

Making Waves #69 – December 2013

Highlights from issue 69 of Making Waves Include: The report on IMCA’s record breaking Annual Seminar in Singapore IMCA’s Vision and Strategy update from the President, Massimo Fontolan The findings from our commercial diver training survey IMCA’s upcoming ROV Training seminar Spotlight On Paul Evans of Fugro

Making Waves #68 – October 2013

Highlights from issue 68 of Making Waves Include: Another successful Competence Seminar The MLC coming into force IMCA’s safety statistics report The revision to IMCA’s guidance on the use of simulators Spotlight On Carl Annessa

Making Waves #67 – July 2013

Highlights from issue 67 of Making Waves Include: FPSOs & Renewables: contracting issues addressed Website & social media update New competence initiatives IMCA Diver Medic Scheme revision Spotlight On Gavin Smith

Making Waves #66 – March 2013

Highlights from issue 66 of Making Waves Include: Preparing for MLC Brand New IMCA Publications Global Updates Spotlight on IMCA’S New Chief Executive, Chris Charman