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IMCA safety flashes disseminate important information on incidents and potential hazards and the lessons learnt from them that can help prevent incidents occurring elsewhere in the industry.

Individual safety events are available individually online, tagged and searchable, while the traditional PDF collections are also available for download.

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All members are encouraged to contribute relevant safety-related information – please visit our Safety Flash Reporting page for details on the submission process.

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COBRA bailout system – guidance note

What happened Users have reported blistering and flaking of the lacquer on the cylinder exterior, and premature, excessive corrosion on the exposed aluminium at the cylinder neck, as seen in […]

| Included in IMCA Safety Flash 21/21

HSE: Allergic reaction at work

What happened What went wrong? The company had: Failed to carry out a suitable and sufficient risk assessment to identify the potential for exposure to the hazardous chemicals; Not implemented […]

| Included in IMCA Safety Flash 20/21

Failure of dive chamber overhead door centre pin

What happened Minutes after a dive team transferred from the entry lock into the diving bell, there was a failure of the diving bell overhead door centre pin.  A “bang” […]

| Included in IMCA Safety Flash 20/21

Overheated transformer activated fire alarm

What happened  An under-rated transformer was installed, which causing overheating and thermal degradation of the transformer which subsequently tripped the breaker and activated the vessel’s fire alarm.  The incident occurred […]

| Included in IMCA Safety Flash 19/21

Safety Flashes – a look back at recent trends

This is a summary of the seventeen IMCA Safety Flashes published so far during 2021. All the published safety events or incidents are available on the IMCA website as individual […]

| Included in IMCA Safety Flash 18/21

Lifting frame detached from fast rescue craft (FRC)

What happened IMCA has received information relating to an incident in which a lifting frame became detached from a fast rescue craft (FRC) during operations.  The incident occurred when the […]

| Included in IMCA Safety Flash 17/21

MSF: Potential dropped object

The Marine Safety Forum has published Safety Alert 21-08 relating to a potential dropped object which was found during lifting operations between a vessel and a platform. What Happened A […]

| Included in IMCA Safety Flash 17/21

Failure of EGS valve stem on dive helmet

What happened A member reported an incident in which the emergency gas system (EGS) valve handle on a commercial diving helmet broke off. At the time of the failure the […]

| Included in IMCA Safety Flash 17/21

MSF: Engine damage after routine maintenance

The Marine Safety Forum (MSF) has published Safety Alert 21-09 relating to engine damage following routine maintenance. What happened On an offshore platform supply it became necessary to stop one […]

| Included in IMCA Safety Flash 16/21

NTSB: Fire on laid up Dive Support Vessel

What happened The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) of the USA has published report MAB 21/11 into a fire on board a DSV which was laid up alongside.  The fire […]

| Included in IMCA Safety Flash 16/21

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