Dynamic Positioning

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Reference Title Format Date Price
IMCA M 159 Guidance on thruster-assisted station keeping by FPSOs and similar turret-moored vessels Document Jun 21 £25
IMCA M 103 Guidelines for the design and operation of dynamically positioned vessels Document Jun 21 £150
IMCA M 203 Guidance on simultaneous operations (SIMOPS) Document Jan 21 £25
IMCA M 220 Guidance on operational activity planning Document Jan 21 £25
IMCA M 109 A guide to DP-related documentation for DP vessels Document Oct 20 £25
IMCA M 206 A guide to DP electrical power and control systems Document Oct 20 £75
IMCA M 190 Guidance for developing and conducting DP annual trials programmes Document Jan 20 £75
IMCA M 166 Guidance on failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA) Document Oct 19 £150
IMCA M 249 DP practitioner accreditation scheme handbook Document May 19 Free
IMCA M 216 Thruster integrity management guidance Document Feb 19 £25
IMCA M 182 International guidelines for the safe operation of dynamically positioned offshore supply vessels Document Nov 18 £75
IMCA M 247 Guidance to identify DP system components and their failure modes Document Nov 18 £75
IMCA M 223 Guidance for the positioning of dynamically positioned (DP) jack-up vessels on and off the seabed Document Jun 18 £25
IMCA M 245 Guidelines for vessels and units with dynamic positioning (DP) systems (MSC.1/Circ. 1580) Document Aug 17 £25
IMCA M 140 Specification for DP capability plots Document Jan 17 £25
IMCA M 134 A comparison of moored and dynamically positioned diving support vessels Document Sep 16 £25
IMCA M 117 The training and experience of key DP personnel Document Sep 16 Free
IMCA M 125 Safety interface document for a DP vessel working near an offshore platform Document Sep 16 £25
IMCA M 115 Risk analysis of collision of dynamically positioned support vessels with offshore installations Document Jul 16 £25
IMCA M 225 Example redundancy concept and annual DP trials for a DP class 3 construction vessel Document Oct 14 £25
IMCA HSSE 031, IMCA M 217 Offshore vessel high voltage safety Document Oct 12 £25
IMCA M 113 Guidelines for vessels with dynamic positioning systems (MSC Circular 645) Document Jun 94 £25