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IMCA produces a range of materials for its members as information notes, covering safety, technical, regulatory, commercial and various other issues relevant to its members.

Members can access all of these materials by logging in to this site. Non-members can view titles, for information, and a small number of individual articles deemed of wider public interest.

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Withdrawal of the IMCA Norwegian legislation module examination

IMCA has been advised that the Norwegian Industry and Authorities no longer require IMCA diving supervisory candidates intending to operate in Norwegian waters to sit and pass a separate Norwegian Legislation Module examination as part of the IMCA Certification scheme. This means that, with immediate effect, IMCA will no longer

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| Information Note number 1474 | Original reference(s) IMCA D 02/20

Temporary scheme for experienced air diving supervisors wishing to gain IMCA air diving supervisor certificates where Portuguese is the primary working language

Background Through a consultation process, IMCA has become aware that diving contractors in Brazil wishing to join IMCA’s Diving Division, as well as some existing Contractor Members, are struggling to meet the requirements for diving supervisors to gain IMCA certification. In December 2019 it was decided by the IMCA Diving

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| Information Note number 1471

Use of composite cylinders for diving and underwater operations

1           Background Composite cylinders are increasingly being used for diving and underwater operations.  However, IMCA Members should note that unfortunately not all such cylinders are suitable for underwater use or as part of a diver’s breathing apparatus. This Information Note is intended to assist users to identify composite cylinders that

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| Information Note number 1466 | Original reference(s) IMCA D 13/19

Amended IMCA training supplier member sub-categories – implications for diving course providers

1           Background In the past, training providers teaching in-water basic diver training courses that do not lead to the award of an IMCA recognised offshore diver training certificate[1] have applied for, and been awarded, Training Establishment Supplier Membership of IMCA.  As a result, they have been entitled to display the

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| Information Note number 1460 | Original reference(s) IMCA D 10/19

Nippon gases safety flash

IMCA has been made aware of two recent incidents where a supply of heliox gas was found to contain a quantity of argon rather than helium.  No injuries have been […]

| Information Note number 1453

Changes in IMCA Exam Resit Protocol

During a recent Diving Division Management Committee meeting a review of the revised IMCA examination resit protocol issued in September 2018 was discussed. All accepted the posts of diving supervisor and […]

| Information Note number 1438 | Original reference(s) IMCA D 05/19

Establishment of the International Diving Industry Forum

IMCA would like to advise its Diving Division members of the formation of the International Diving Industry Forum (IDIF).  The Forum has been established by three key industry stakeholders – the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA); the Association of Diving Contractors International (ADCI); and the International Association of Oil and

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| Information Note number 1437 | Original reference(s) IMCA D 04/19

JFD product caution note relating to disposable gas conditioner cartridges for diver and chamber gas recovery systems

IMCA Diving Division members are asked to note that JFD has issued a Product Caution Notice to all customers who have procured any of the equipment listed below: B1562A DISPOSABLE CARTRIDGE SET, GASMIZER B1591A DISPOSABLE CARTRIDGE SET, GASPURE B1563 DISPOSABLE CARTRIDGE SET, AIR FILTER SYS, 2 SETS BO B1592A GASPURE

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| Information Note number 1430 | Original reference(s) IMCA D 02/19

Recent rise in forged ADAS diver training certificates

IMCA currently recognises the certificates listed in IMCA D 01/18 Diver and Diving Supervisor Certification for offshore diving under the IMCA International Code of Practice for Offshore Diving (IMCA D […]

| Information Note number 1428 | Original reference(s) IMCA D 01/19

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