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IMCA produces a range of materials for its members as information notes, covering safety, technical, regulatory, commercial and various other issues relevant to its members.

Members can access all of these materials by logging in to this site. Non-members can view titles, for information, and a small number of individual articles deemed of wider public interest.

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Diving Gas Supply Incident Reporting

1 Background The diving industry is in a highly vulnerable position should mix-ups or other errors in the provision of diving gases occur. Divers breathe life-supporting gases at high pressures. […]

| Information Note number 1559

JFD COBRA Safety Notice

Your attention is brought to the following safety notice issued by JFD.  JFD is instructing all users to cease COBRA diving operations immediately until such time as replacement parts can […]

| Information Note number 1537

IMCA Membership Assessment Procedure – Diving Contractor Saturation Upgrade

This document describes the membership application and audit assessment procedure for all companies upgrading from surface supplied diving contractor membership to saturation diving contractor membership of the IMCA Diving Division.

| Information Note number 1528 | Original reference(s) IMCA D 27/20

IMCA Membership Assessment Procedure – Temporary to Full Diving Contractor

This document describes the application and audit assessment procedure for all applicants upgrading from temporary to full contractor membership of the IMCA Diving Division, encompassing both contractors undertaking surface supplied diving operations only and those utilising both surface supplied and saturation diving techniques.

| Information Note number 1527 | Original reference(s) IMCA D 26/20

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