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IMCA safety flashes disseminate important information on incidents and potential hazards and the lessons learnt from them that can help prevent incidents occurring elsewhere in the industry.

Individual safety events are available individually online, tagged and searchable, while the traditional PDF collections are also available for download.

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All members are encouraged to contribute relevant safety-related information – please visit our Safety Flash Reporting page for details on the submission process.

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Near miss: Lever Hoist Failure

What happened? A lever hoist failed causing a load to descend to deck in an uncontrolled manner. The near miss incident occurred when a set of 1m trenching swords were […]

| Included in IMCA Safety Flash 26/20

High potential DROPS near miss: failed crane component

What happened? Whilst preparing a crane for operations, the additional man riding calliper brake casing cover on the primary winch failed, causing the brake pad, rings and cover to fall […]

| Included in IMCA Safety Flash 26/20

Electrical shock from containerised portable office

What happened? Whilst tidying a mobile office (freight) container, an employee sustained a mild electric shock by inadvertently touching an exposed live electrical cable which was obscured by several boxes […]

| Included in IMCA Safety Flash 25/20

Fire in welding fumes extraction system

What happened? In a shore-based workshop facility, the filters inside a welding fume extraction unit ignited whilst in operation. On investigating an initial smell of burning, smoke was seen escaping […]

| Included in IMCA Safety Flash 25/20

Positive: STOP WORK by Master challenging Sailing Order

What happened? A Platform Supply Vessel (PSV) received sailing orders. All the cargo, with the exception of one item, was for one platform; the exception was a radioactive container for […]

| Included in IMCA Safety Flash 24/20

Use of face masks designated KN95

The UK HSE (Health and Safety Executive) has issued the following notice regarding the use of face masks designated KN95. The full notice can be found here: A substantial […]

| Included in IMCA Safety Flash 23/20

Safety performance in the offshore renewable energy industry

The UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has written to a number of trade bodies representing the offshore renewable energy industry, including IMCA, expressing concern “that in some sectors of […]

| Included in IMCA Safety Flash 23/20

Person injured when leg slipped through floor hatch

What happened? During routine inspection of an engine room, someone slipped thro ugh a loose floor hatch plate and sustained a cut wound about 3 cm on the shin of his […]

| Included in IMCA Safety Flash 22/20

LTI: Loss of fingertip and nail

What happened? While crew were moving lashing materials (chains, shackles and turnbuckles) from the garage deck into a storage space, the bosun suffered a serious finger injury.  The incident occurred […]

| Included in IMCA Safety Flash 22/20

Hydraulic sample extruder – finger laceration

What happened? Whilst using a hydraulic sample extruder in a laboratory, the technician caught and injured his finger between the Shelby tube and extruder ram while trying to stabilise the […]

| Included in IMCA Safety Flash 22/20

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