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Collaborative IMCA and G+ Workshop advances safety for Walk to Work 

Following regulator feedback, offshore safety organisations combine forces to find new solutions to improving safety for Walk to Work.  A Workshop focusing on Walk to Work, organised by IMCA and the Global Offshore Wind Health and Safety Organisation (G+), took place on Tuesday 9 April 2024 at the Energy Institute in London. Attendees, who were drawn from across the membership bases of the two organisations, explored ways of improving safety and performance by placing an emphasis on greater collaboration.   Over 50 experts on the topic attended, including Rhys Jones, Technical Adviser – Marine Renewable Energy, IMCA and Board Member Kate

“The longer you negotiate a contract, the less time you spend driving value…”

The inappropriate allocation of risk, need for new standardised contracts, and how increased collaboration can reduce waste and improve delivery, were key debating points from an IMCA hosted industry panel at Global Offshore Wind 2023 in London on 16 June 2023 which featured speakers from bp, GE Renewable Energy, and DEME Offshore. Held at the largest dedicated offshore wind event in the UK, the panel discussed the current opportunities and challenges facing offshore wind and how the introduction of sustainable contracting could alleviate pressure across the supply chain and unlock the investment required for the industry to meet government expectations

Reuters Offshore & Floating Wind Europe 2023

IMCA’s Iain Grainger will be speaking at Europe’s most senior meeting for offshore and floating wind developers, Reuters’ Offshore & Floating Wind Europe 2023. Europe’s offshore and floating wind sector is experiencing unstoppable growth. Industry giants are scaling up to deliver more projects at multi-gigawatt levels and capitalize on the multibillion-dollar market opportunity.  To achieve Europe’s 150GW target by 2030, we need to roll out an incredible 50GW of projects within the next two years. However, supply chain bottlenecks, aging infrastructure, and bureaucracy are all threats to industry growth and investor confidence. With $ billions in contracts ready to be

IMCA thought leadership recognised by UK Government

IMCA’s campaign on sustainable contracting in offshore wind has been recognised by the UK’s first Offshore Wind Champion, and previous co-chair of the Offshore Wind Acceleration Taskforce (May 22 to March 23), Tim Pick. Tim Pick was commissioned by the UK Government to explore the challenges for offshore wind and published his independent report, Seizing Our Opportunities, at the beginning of April. It highlighted that contracting terms in oil and gas are generally more commercially balanced than in offshore wind, noting that: “IMCA’s Renewables Contracting Principles is a helpful piece of thought leadership on this topic.” One of the recommendations

Subsea Cable Insurance Workshop

Offshore wind is set for exponential growth as the need for sustainable energy to tackle climate change accelerates. Analysts predict over $800bn will be allocated to new developments by 2030, but major challenges must be tackled if this expenditure is to succeed. The demand for new critical infrastructure to be installed is huge and subsea cables are central to meeting this, with hundreds of miles of export and inter-array cables required. With an estimated 80% of all insurance claims in offshore wind relating to cable failures, much more will need to be done in this space. This Global Underwater Hub

Contracting Principles for Offshore Wind at IPF 2023

Our campaign for sustainable contracting principles around offshore wind installation is heading to IPF 2023 in Baltimore, USA with IMCA taking part in an industry panel discussion on the topic of allocation of risk in offshore wind contracting.  IPF 2023 is the 10th anniversary of the International Offshore Wind Partnering Forum, organised by the Business Network for Offshore Wind. The event, which is the premier offshore wind energy conference in the Americas, welcomes more than 4,000 delegates across three days with global leaders and businesses in the supply chain discussing the latest technical and policy developments in this space.  Iain

Campaign for sustainable offshore wind continues

IMCA’s campaign for fairer contracting principles continues with CEO Allen Leatt recently interviewed in leading industry publication, Energy Voice recently. Speaking to editor Allister Thomas, Leatt reiterated the main point that the supply-side of offshore wind is currently unprofitable, putting at risk global ambitions for the sector. He said: “The allocation of risk is one-sided from developers and their bankers to the supply chain, which is not the case in the oil and gas industry which understands the dynamics of offshore construction and marine environment. As a consequence of this risk allocation, the supply side is largely loss-making, with an

Supporting the development of offshore wind in Taiwan

Around 25 representatives from developers, contractors, suppliers, and regulators – all active in offshore wind in Taiwan – attended the inaugural China Sea focal group meeting held by IMCA on 8 February 2023. Taiwan has ambitious plans for offshore wind, with targets for 40GW to 55GW of production – and half of that to be built by 2035 – to support their commitment to reach Net Zero by 2050. Aiming to influence and shape the development of safe and efficient marine operations in the waters off Taiwan to support the delivery of these ambitions, the group’s first meeting was led

IMCA calls for Offshore Wind Competitiveness Programme

A week after launching the International Marine Contractors Association’s (IMCA’s) newly updated Renewables Contracting Principles (IMCA LCIC 014) with the call for industry collaboration essential to address supply chain losses, IMCA’s CEO, Allen Leatt spoke on 7 February at the Offshore Wind Journal Conference in London with one of his recommendations being the formation of LOWIC:  Leading Offshore Wind Industry Competitiveness programme, saying: “IMCA is keen to contribute to this with others”. In a hard-hitting presentation ‘Wind Targets at Risk’, he looked at offshore wind CAPEX, the difficult economic situation being faced by OEMs and contractors and the fact that

Global offshore wind energy targets at risk

The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) has published an update to its contracting principles in the marine renewable energy industry. This major piece of work has been essential due to progressively poor market conditions created by unrealistic expectations of the capital costs and risks of developing offshore wind energy. The new publication IMCA Renewables Contracting Principles (IMCA LCIC 014) reviews in detail the contractual challenges faced by industry. IMCA’s CEO Allen Leatt explained the challenges: “Marine contracting in offshore renewables has become increasingly unsustainable, which in turn places the long-term sustainability of the offshore wind energy industry at risk. This

Contracting Principles address sustainability of offshore wind

I am pleased to report that our Legal, Contracts, Insurance, and Compliance Committee (LCIC) has recently completed a major piece of work in updating our Renewables Contracting Principles (LCIC 014 Rev 3); and has developed a companion Guidance Document (LCIC 14A) for members highlighting key issues which they need to consider when contracting in the renewables sector. This work has been essential due to market conditions created by the unrealistic expectations of the capital costs and risks of developing offshore wind energy. Greater flexibility and fairness are needed in contracts by allocating the risk to the party who created it,

G+ Stakeholder Forum – 23 March 2023, Madrid

G+ Global Offshore Wind Health and Safety Organisation annual forum to discuss progress in global offshore wind health and safety. The annual event, led by the G+ Global Offshore Wind Health and Safety Organisation, for anyone passionate about offshore wind health and safety. Attendance is free. To register please click here. The event provides an important forum for discussions regarding health and safety in the offshore wind industry. The day will comprise of presentations, breakout groups and networking sessions covering current and future workstreams. Speakers and a detailed agenda will be published in the coming weeks. The event will be

IMCA launches NE USA Focal Group

Following IMCA’s seminar in Providence Rhode Island in November 2022, IMCA kicked off a new North East USA Focal Group at a two-hour seminar chaired by Dustin Varnell on 26 January 2023. Dustin is Osbit’s US Country Manager and IMCA’s Advisor – US Atlantic. The aim of the focal group is, “to influence and shape the safe and efficient operations on the NE Atlantic Coast of North America.”Its objectives are: Identify common matters of interest in the region. Identify the relevant guidance required to be able to be able to operate safely and effectively on the Atlantic Seaboard. Improve communications

IMCA’s Lifting Guidance Now Co-Branded with G+

The International Marine Contractors Association’s (IMCA) recently reviewed and updated Guidelines for Lifting Operations (IMCA LR 006) has been republished with new dual branding featuring G+, the global offshore wind health and safety organisation. This is the association’s first dual branded publication and ensures wider circulation, acceptance and use of this key document, in the offshore wind industry.Mark Ford, IMCA’s Marine & Quality Manager explained: “LR 006 has safe and efficient operations at its heart and thus attunes with G+ aims. We are delighted to be linked with them in this way, their branding on this important document demonstrates their

Renewable Energy Lifting Ops covered in IMCA Guidance

The International Marine Contractors Association’s (IMCA’s) ‘Guidelines for lifting operations’ (IMCA LR 006) has been reviewed and updated to ensure that it properly covers all elements of lifting operations in renewable energy sector contracting activities.Mark Ford, IMCA’s Marine & Quality Manager explained: Offshore wind involves an ever-increasing number of our members; and so, our expert work group has thoroughly reviewed IMCA LR 006 and made a number of additions and amendments to ensure it provides an invaluable resource enabling work in the rapidly expanding global market to be undertaken safely and efficiently.” IMCA Contact Mark Ford Marine & Quality Manager

IMCA Seminar spotlights Lifting Tech & Offshore Renewables Lifting

The International Marine Contractors Association’s (IMCA’s) Lifting & Rigging Seminar makes a welcome return to the events calendar on 27 October in its traditional venue, the Novotel Amsterdam at Schiphol Airport. The day-long packed programme focuses on the technical side of offshore lifting and on the challenges created in the renewable energy market. As Mark Ford, IMCA’s Marine & Quality Manager explained: “We are delighted to be back to holding a face-to-face event that will be of interest to all involved in any aspect of offshore lifting and rigging in the offshore renewable energy industry.“We have an exciting line-up of

IMCA adds U.S. offshore wind expertise to Business Development team

The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) has appointed Dustin Varnell to its Business Development team. Based in Rhode Island, Dustin will focus on the U.S. offshore wind energy market, complementing the work of Bruce Gresham, IMCA’s Director of Client Engagement in the U.S. Allen Leatt, IMCA CEO stated: “As a Master Mariner on dynamic positioned (DP) vessels Dustin is very familiar with IMCA’s work in the field, which is very beneficial in representing the association to existing and new member companies in the U.S. wind industry. We look forward to closely engaging with industry in the Northeast U.S. and helping

IMCA signs MOU with Business Network Offshore Wind

The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Business Network for Offshore Wind (the Network) a non-profit, educational organisation to develop the offshore wind renewable energy industry and its supply chain in the U.S. The purpose of the collaboration is to share knowledge concerning the industry’s safety and productivity that will promote investment and support its future growth. Allen Leatt, CEO, commented: “Both IMCA and the Network share the common goal of supporting the advancement of offshore wind energy in the U.S. in a safe and efficient way. “The Network is expertly placed

IMCA forges N.American offshore wind contacts

The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) is successfully expanding its reach in the North American offshore wind sector thanks to its membership in the Business Network for Offshore Wind (BNOW), the organisation dedicated to building a network designed to usher the U.S. into the offshore wind market. IMCA’s network will undoubtedly expand thanks to its participation in BNOW’s International Offshore Wind Partnering Forum (IPF2021) In Richmond, Virginia 24-26 August. IMCA member companies are very active in the offshore wind industry globally, working at all development stages from feasibility studies to offshore construction. The overwhelming majority of offshore installations have been

IMCA Offshore Renewables Webinar – ‘Health & Safety – Our Industry’s Priority’

With the aim of raising awareness of health and safety requirements, and the importance of sharing lessons learned within the offshore renewable energy industry, the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) is holding a webinar on ‘Health & Safety – Our industry’s priority’. This online event, hosted by IMCA’s Marine Renewable Energy Committee on 17 November at 14:00hrs GMT, provides an opportunity for IMCA Members to participate in a session focusing on health and safety in the offshore renewables industry. The current agenda is as follows: Moderated by Alan MacLeay, Chair of IMCA’s Marine Renewable Energy CommitteeAllen Leatt, IMCA Chief ExecutiveTrevor