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IMCA’s Lifting Guidance Now Co-Branded with G+

The International Marine Contractors Association’s (IMCA’s) recently reviewed and updated Guidelines for Lifting Operations (IMCA LR 006) has been republished with new dual branding featuring G+, the global offshore wind health and safety organisation. This is the association’s first dual branded publication and ensures wider circulation, acceptance and use of this key document, in the offshore wind industry.Mark Ford, IMCA’s Marine & Quality Manager explained: “LR 006 has safe and efficient operations at its heart and thus attunes with G+ aims. We are delighted to be linked with them in this way, their branding on this important document demonstrates their

Renewable Energy Lifting Ops covered in IMCA Guidance

The International Marine Contractors Association’s (IMCA’s) ‘Guidelines for lifting operations’ (IMCA LR 006) has been reviewed and updated to ensure that it properly covers all elements of lifting operations in renewable energy sector contracting activities.Mark Ford, IMCA’s Marine & Quality Manager explained: Offshore wind involves an ever-increasing number of our members; and so, our expert work group has thoroughly reviewed IMCA LR 006 and made a number of additions and amendments to ensure it provides an invaluable resource enabling work in the rapidly expanding global market to be undertaken safely and efficiently.” IMCA Contact Mark Ford Marine & Quality Manager

IMCA Seminar spotlights Lifting Tech & Offshore Renewables Lifting

The International Marine Contractors Association’s (IMCA’s) Lifting & Rigging Seminar makes a welcome return to the events calendar on 27 October in its traditional venue, the Novotel Amsterdam at Schiphol Airport. The day-long packed programme focuses on the technical side of offshore lifting and on the challenges created in the renewable energy market. As Mark Ford, IMCA’s Marine & Quality Manager explained: “We are delighted to be back to holding a face-to-face event that will be of interest to all involved in any aspect of offshore lifting and rigging in the offshore renewable energy industry.“We have an exciting line-up of

IMCA adds U.S. offshore wind expertise to Business Development team

The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) has appointed Dustin Varnell to its Business Development team. Based in Rhode Island, Dustin will focus on the U.S. offshore wind energy market, complementing the work of Bruce Gresham, IMCA’s Director of Client Engagement in the U.S. Allen Leatt, IMCA CEO stated: “As a Master Mariner on dynamic positioned (DP) vessels Dustin is very familiar with IMCA’s work in the field, which is very beneficial in representing the association to existing and new member companies in the U.S. wind industry. We look forward to closely engaging with industry in the Northeast U.S. and helping

IMCA forges Offshore Wind Contacts in N. America thanks to BNOW

The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) is successfully expanding its reach in the North American offshore wind sector thanks to its membership in the Business Network for Offshore Wind (BNOW), the organisation dedicated to building a network designed to usher the U.S. into the offshore wind market. IMCA’s network will undoubtedly expand thanks to its participation in BNOW’s International Offshore Wind Partnering Forum (IPF2021) In Richmond, Virginia 24-26 August. IMCA member companies are very active in the offshore wind industry globally, working at all development stages from feasibility studies to offshore construction. The overwhelming majority of offshore installations have been

IMCA Offshore Renewables Webinar – ‘Health & Safety – Our Industry’s Priority’

With the aim of raising awareness of health and safety requirements, and the importance of sharing lessons learned within the offshore renewable energy industry, the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) is holding a webinar on ‘Health & Safety – Our industry’s priority’. This online event, hosted by IMCA’s Marine Renewable Energy Committee on 17 November at 14:00hrs GMT, provides an opportunity for IMCA Members to participate in a session focusing on health and safety in the offshore renewables industry. The current agenda is as follows: Moderated by Alan MacLeay, Chair of IMCA’s Marine Renewable Energy CommitteeAllen Leatt, IMCA Chief ExecutiveTrevor

IMCA Publishes Basic Training Document Aimed at Offshore Renewables Sector

The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) has published ‘Basic Safety Training Requirements for Personnel Employed in the Offshore Renewable Energy Sector’ (IMCA C 018). It provides standard basic safety training requirements for inclusion at contract awards stage covering those employed on-board vessels during the construction and maintenance support phases of offshore renewable energy projects. The new guidance document incorporates an invaluable matrix to aid clarity for the sector. The ‘Basic Safety Training Matrix’ defines the minimum level of health and safety training, and medical fitness needed to work on, and from, vessels engaged on an offshore renewable energy project. It

IMCA’s Global Reach: AWEA Offshore Windpower Virtual Summit

The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) is presenting at the AWEA Offshore Windpower Virtual Summit on 13 October 2020. Captain Andy Goldsmith, Technical Adviser – Marine and Bruce Gresham, Director of Client Engagement, North America, will give a joint presentation on ‘Preparing the Workforce – Industry Education and Training’ (15:15 EST/20:15 GMT). “The material included in educational and familiarisation programmes is based on operational knowledge and experience. IMCA Members, like those involved in our Marine Renewable Energy Committee, share their experience and knowledge to produce industry accepted guidance documents. Prepared by the industry for the industry, IMCA Members are required

IMCA to Stage Marine Renewable Energy Seminar

The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) is to hold a Marine Renewable Energy Seminar on 25 September in Amsterdam (Novotel Schiphol Airport). With the theme ‘Working together for safe and efficient operations’ this day-long seminar on the topic reflects the increasing involvement of IMCA members with the rapidly expanding global marine renewables sector.   Free to attend for IMCA members plus invited guests the one-day seminar will consider IMCA global initiatives and feature three sessions – ‘Achieving harmonisation of training and certification’; ‘Openness is the key to safe and efficient operations’; and ‘Future trends in the marine renewable energy sector’.

IMCA's Copenhagen meeting focuses on offshore renewables

Offshore renewables are very much in the spotlight at the International Marine Contractors Association’s (IMCA) Europe & Africa Section meeting behind held in Copenhagen, Denmark on Tuesday 14 June, with five presentations on various aspects of the rapidly expanding sector. The meeting is open to IMCA members and other interested guests and is free to attend. All who intend being there should contact [email protected] to register. There is also the opportunity to join via a webinar link; or by telephone Dial: +1 408 638 0968 (US Toll) or +1 646 558 8656 (US Toll); Webinar ID: 951 273 425;

IMCA publishes Renewables Contracting Principles

The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) has published a variety of guides, templates and discussion documents aimed at raising awareness on contracting issues, promoting discussion and providing tools that may be useful for its contractor members, their clients and sub-contractors, the latest is the series is ‘IMCA Renewables Contracting Principles’ which can be downloaded from the Safety and Legislation section of the IMCA website at “Each of our Contracting Principles’ documents (of which there are now five in addition to a discussion document and other associated documentation) is published as an aide to clients and contractors alongside their in-house

IMCA playing a key role in offshore wind safety

The Offshore Renewable Workgroup of the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA|) is one of the association’s best attended workgroups, and the level of enthusiasm is not only seeing an increasing number of highly relevant guidance documents being published, but has gained IMCA a seat at the UK HSE GB ‘Offshore Wind Industry Leaders Workshop’ in Bootle in November. “There is no doubt that the Offshore Renewables Workgroup, under the dynamic chairmanship of Alan MacLeay of Subsea 7/Seaway Heavy Lifting, is extremely proactive and producing some highly relevant documents,” explains Jane Bugler, IMCA’s Technical Director and Acting Chief Executive.”It is vital

IMCA at EWEA Offshore: a members pavilion and a CMID seminar

Offshore renewable energy is playing an ever-increasing role in the working schedules of many members of the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) so this year IMCA has put together a pavilion at EWEA OFFSHORE in Copenhagen, the world’s largest offshore wind energy event. The pavilion will feature IMCA members as well as the guidance and safety materials published by the association to further safe and efficient marine operations. Additionally IMCA is holding a Common Marine Inspection Document (CMID) Seminar of interest to all owners and operators of marine contracting vessels. Pommec, Wind and Water, Offshore Wind Services/Workships and the Energy

Offshore renewables under the spotlight at IMCA's Hamburg-based Europe & Africa Section meeting

Offshore renewable energy will be very much on the agenda when the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) holds the first ever meeting of its long-established Europe & Africa Section in Germany. With speakers from Technip, the German Shipowners Association, German Shipbuilders, Workships Contractors, Seaway Heavy Lifting, Bluewater, RWE, Vattenfall, ER Offshore and Global Maritime the meeting on Thursday 28 November at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Hamburg is open to members and non-members alike. “IMCA established an offshore renewables workgroup in 2011 following growing concerns regarding safety in the offshore wind construction industry,” explains the association’s Technical Director, Jane Bugler.

Safe methods of working under the EWEA Offshore Conference spotlight

Effective sharing of marine construction experience, safe methods of working and recommended practice for offshore installation will lie at the heart of presentation by Alan MacLeay at EWEA Offshore 2013 in the ‘Synergies with other maritime technologies’ session on 20 November in the ‘Industrialising the supply chain’ track. The offshore wind energy industry does not exist in isolation, and learning from, and integrating, other maritime sector technologies and methodologies presents opportunities for mutual cooperation, and is a vital step to increasing safety levels. Alan MacLeay is currently the engineering director for renewables at Seaway Heavy Lifting and chairman of the

Guidance on DP jack-ups and use of dumb barges for offshore renewables sector from IMCA

An increasing number of members of the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) are involved with the offshore renewables sector and for this reason the association has published ‘Guidance for the Positioning of Dynamically Positioned (DP) Jack-up Vessels on and off the Seabed” (IMCA M 223) and an updated version of their information note The Inspection and Auditing of Manned and Unmanned Barges’. Both are aimed at ensuring and enhancing offshore safety. “The aim of IMCA M 223 is to provide the owners and operators of dynamically positioned (DP) jack-up vessels with guidance to create procedures for going onto and leaving

Guidance notes on diving and dumb barges produced by IMCA of use to offshore renewables sector

The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) has produced two information notes – ‘Diving on Offshore Renewable Energy Projects: Regulations and Guidance’, and ‘The Inspection and Auditing of Manned and Unmanned Barges’ which are of use, and interest, to those involved with offshore renewable energy projects. “As an increasing number of our members become involved with the offshore renewable energy sectors, we believe it is useful to them, and indeed to their clients, to have basic information in an easily digestible form,” says Jane Bugler, Technical Director of IMCA. “For example, the aim of the diving information note (IMCA M 18/12)