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eCMID and eMISW vessel inspection templates updated

IMCA has released updates to its eCMID system which is designed to provide the marine and offshore industry with standardised formats for vessel inspection. These include revisions of inspection templates to address changes to IMCA Codes of Practice and Recommended Practice, as well as IMO regulations and the latest user feedback. The updated templates feature new advice on closing meetings (also included in the revised IMCA M 167 – Guidance on the IMCA eCMID System), deal more closely with pilot ladder inspections, and include revisions to the DP supplement which rectify inconsistencies and issues fed back by industry experts. The

IMCA welcomes two new members to the Secretariat

Two new additions to IMCA’s Secretariat will further enhance the team. Roger Moore has joined as a Technical Adviser for Remote Systems and Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV) and Offshore Survey. Roger has been working in the ROV sector for over 27 years having previously held positions offshore, ranging from Trainee Pilot Technician to OPM, and onshore as an ROV Operations Manager and Technical Authority. Prior to this, Roger served in the British Army for the Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers working on Chieftain Main battle tanks and receiving electrical, mechanical and hydraulics trade training. He has written several training programmes

New CPD requirements for Dutch air diving supervisors

Following negotiations with authorities in the Netherlands, IMCA has reached agreement for the use of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to recognise Dutch NDC-CI offshore diving supervisor certificates. Last year the UK’s Health & Safety Executive (HSE) removed requirements for supervisors operating in UK waters to undertake an exam, and the examination was subsequently withdrawn. As a result, the previous route to certification – where Dutch candidates were able to convert their certificate by sitting the exam – is no longer available. The changes mean NDC-CI certificate holders are now required to complete CPD to the same standard as IMCA-certified diving

Safer DP Annual Trials as IMCA reviews M 190 and M 191 following industry collaboration

We have updated our Code of Practice for Developing and Conducting DP Annual Trials Programmes and the Code of Practice for DP Annual Trials for Mobile Offshore Drilling Units. The revisions were designed to strengthen industry practices and eliminate some of the less safe processes around Dynamic Positioning (DP) remote trials adopted gradually before the COVID-19 pandemic and inadvertently legitimised by it. The changes to IMCA M 190 and M 191 raise the standard of DP annual trials and enforce a more robust interpretation of IMCA guidelines. The updates are written in clearer, more definite language to discourage misinterpretation when

Regional Meetings: Bringing our members together

IMCA’s Regional Meetings bring Members together to explore the key issues facing the industry.   They are not only an opportunity to hear first-hand from our team of technical experts on recent industry developments, they also offer attendees the chance to build vital connections. With guest-speakers invited from the offshore sector sharing their expertise and insight, they are must-attend dates in the industry calendar.  Book your place now for IMCA’s upcoming Regional Meetings in Q3 and Q4 2023 in the links below. Agenda details will be shared soon.  Middle East & India – Dubai, UAE (12 October).  North America – Houston,

IMCA Lifting & Rigging Seminar 2023 is gearing for lift-off

Our one-day technical seminar exploring lifting and rigging returns to Amsterdam on Thursday 26 October 2023. This year’s event, the 11th in the series, focuses on “lifting in the new offshore environment”. As in previous years, the Seminar – which is curated by IMCA’s own Lifting & Rigging Committee – welcomes industry experts from all over the world to explore a high-quality programme, featuring the latest tools, training and technological advancements in the sector. With a focus on development and training, lift plan processes, monitoring and maintenance, attendees will hear from experts working at Boskalis, Bridon-Bekaert, Cranemaster, Delft University of

IMO’s Marine Environment Protection Committee adopts historic 2023 GHG Strategy

The IMO’s Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC 80) have agreed to a revised GHG Strategy on the reduction of GHG emissions from ships with a commitment to reach net zero GHG emissions by or around 2050. Margaret Fitzgerald, representing IMCA, attended the week-long Committee meeting as well as the 15th session of the Intersessional Working Group on GHG the previous week and was joined on Thursday by Iain Grainger, IMCA’s CEO, who witnessed the historic agreement being reached. IMO’s work on GHG emissions reduction and future fuels is being closely monitored by IMCA’s Marine Policy & Regulatory Affairs (MPRA) Committee

IMO’s Hong Kong Ship Recycling Convention will finally enter into force 14 years after adoption

A landmark moment at the International Maritime Organization (IMO) as conditions for the entry into force of the Hong Kong International Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships (the ‘Hong Kong Convention’) have been met which ensure new approaches on ship recycling. The Hong Kong Convention was adopted at a diplomatic conference, attended by delegates from 63 countries, held in Hong Kong, China, from 11 to 15 May 2009, but it has taken 14 years for it to be ratified, the necessary legal process to trigger entry into force. With the ratification of the Convention by Bangladesh

“The longer you negotiate a contract, the less time you spend driving value…”

The inappropriate allocation of risk, need for new standardised contracts, and how increased collaboration can reduce waste and improve delivery, were key debating points from an IMCA hosted industry panel at Global Offshore Wind 2023 in London on 16 June 2023 which featured speakers from bp, GE Renewable Energy, and DEME Offshore. Held at the largest dedicated offshore wind event in the UK, the panel discussed the current opportunities and challenges facing offshore wind and how the introduction of sustainable contracting could alleviate pressure across the supply chain and unlock the investment required for the industry to meet government expectations

New guidelines for DP diving and umbilical management

IMCA is pleased to announce the publication of IMCA D 010 Rev. 4 Diving Operations from Vessels Operating in a Dynamically Positioned Mode and IMCA D 078 Guidance on Diving Umbilical Management. The two documents are closely related, and to conduct Dynamic Positioning (DP) diving operations safely, it is essential to follow the guidance contained in both publications. All sections of IMCA D 010 were closely reviewed during the revision process and the guidance now represents the latest industry thinking on the safe and effective management of DP diving projects. IMCA Contact Bryan McGlinchy Diving Manager Contact Error: Contact form

New Code of Practice boosts safety of offshore DP Operations

IMCA has updated key guidance relating to the training and experience of Key Dynamic Positioning (DP) Personnel. Reflecting recent industry developments, the changes to IMCA M 117 The Training and Experience of Key DP Personnel cover new requirements for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) while removing several ambiguities which had the potential for accidental or intentional misinterpretation. As a result of these improvements, the document has been regraded to a Code of Practice for IMCA Members, rather than recommended best-practice. This means that IMCA expects the highest-level of compliance on the updated content and approaches outlined in M 117 and reinforces

Taiwanese delegation gets safety best practice at HM Coastguard

On Monday 12 June, IMCA hosted a delegation of officials from the Taiwanese government. The group, made up of maritime safety experts and representatives working in offshore wind, joined Iain Grainger, IMCA CEO and Rhys Jones, Technical Adviser – Maritime, for a tour of the joint response unit of HM Coastguard in Fareham, Hampshire, UK. As well as a guided tour of the facility and its impressive command centre – which coordinates the coastguard’s response to emergencies across the South East of England overseeing between 2,000 and 5,000 vessels a day – the delegation also heard from Pete Lawson, Offshore Energy Lead of HM Coastguard,

Safety Seminar: Sharing insight and providing inspiration

Returning after a four-year absence, IMCA’s in-person Safety Seminar brought together members to explore the current safety issues in the offshore sector, notably the challenges in attracting and retaining the right people. Attendees at the event in Amsterdam on Tuesday 6 June 2023 heard from Iain Grainger, CEO of IMCA, who shared the latest industry safety statistics and posed the room the collaborative challenge of finding the ways to further drive down incidents. With a busy and informative programme of subject matter experts, inspirational best-practice, and thought-provoking presentations, the Seminar brought together HSSE and organisational leaders from across the offshore

ADNOC, Heerema, and MMA Offshore win IMCA Awards

The winners of the IMCA Awards, which showcase inspirational offshore safety and sustainability projects, were announced to the audience at the IMCA Safety Seminar in Amsterdam on Tuesday 6 June. Projects by ADNOC, MMA Offshore, Heerema Marine Contractors and P&O Maritime Logistics were recognised for their positive impact. IMCA Contact Iain Grainger CEO Contact Error: Contact form not found. Safety The judges selected both ADNOC and MMA Offshore who were announced as joint winners. Mohamed Ahmed Al Maflahi (ADNOC). ADNOC’s Smart Vessels project saw it implement next-generation AI-systems on more than 80 offshore vessels operating across six ports in the

Guidance on shallow water diving operations updated in Code of Practice

IMCA is pleased to share Revision three of its flagship guidance document on diving operations, the IMCA International Code of Practice for Offshore Diving (IMCA D 014). The revised guidance will be particularly helpful to those currently managing shallow water diving operations in the offshore wind industry. The latest revision clarifies the types of commercial diving activities covered by the Code, as well as introducing new guidance on therapeutic chamber availability where offshore diving operations inside territorial waters are conducted in less than 10m (33ft) of seawater. IMCA Diving Manager Bryan McGlinchy said: “Shallow water diving operations are sometimes undertaken

Module four launches on IMCA Key Personnel DP App

We are delighted to share details of the latest addition to our IMCA Key Personnel DP App, with a fourth module released focusing on field arrival trials, SIMOPS and laser position references. The update comes following the introduction of new rules by the Nautical Institute which require Dynamic Positioning Operators to demonstrate Continuing Professional Development (CPD) throughout their careers. The IMCA Key Personnel DP App is one means of ensuring that DP Operators can simply meet their new CPD requirements cost-effectively. An NI accredited scheme, it links directly to users’ profiles in the NI’s Alexis platform, providing ongoing proof of

IMCA panel explores sustainable contracts at Global Offshore Wind

IMCA is hosting a panel on sustainable contracting at Global Offshore Wind in London with guests from BP, GE Renewable Energy, and DEME Offshore, on Thursday 15 June at 1.15pm. The panel discussion, which will be compered by IMCA CEO Iain Grainger, will take place on day two of the UK’s largest dedicated offshore wind event. Joining him on stage will be Hugo Bouvy (Deme Offshore), Richard Haydock (BP), and Richard Huxley (GE Renewable Energy). Together the panel will discuss how the offshore and energy sectors can come together to collaboratively address the risk and cost challenges that offshore wind is facing around

Technical concerns in eCMID vessel inspection analysis

New in-depth analysis on IMCA’s industry vessel inspection programmes, eCMID (Common Marine Inspection Document) and eMISW (Common Marine Inspection Document for Small Workboats), reveals ongoing concerns around technical inspections, the controlled entry into confined spaces, cyber security, as well as defects to life-saving appliances. IMCA eCMID System Annual Report 2022/23 (M 262) analysed the 1,539 reports on vessel inspections undertaken and uploaded to the eCMID database between April 2022 and April 2023, finding common themes and areas of particular focus. Of the 761 eCMID inspections, around 10% did not have a technical inspection carried out by the vessel operator, 9%

Safety Statistics for 2022 released. Download now.

Pulling together data from across our membership base, as well as insight gleaned from our popular Safety Flashes, IMCA’s statistical report presents a snapshot of safety performance in our industry over the last calendar year. After a challenging post-covid year in 2021, safety data is showing improving trends across the major metrics collected from incidents at contractor members. In addition to IMCA data, the report also features comparative figures from related stakeholder groups working in the broader industry – including G+, IADC and IOGP – which allows for cross-sector comparisons. With a split by business size, it also enables individual

IMCA Awards: Showcasing Safety and Sustainability best-practice

Showcasing positive, inspirational, and impactful initiatives in Safety and Environmental Sustainability from across its membership base, the winners of IMCA’s Awards 2022 will be announced at our forthcoming Safety Seminar which takes place in Amsterdam on 6 June 2023. The shortlisted entries are as follows… IMCA Contact Allen Leatt Chief Executive Contact Error: Contact form not found. Safety: ADNOC – Smart Safety Vessels – Implementing next-generation AI systems on more than 80 offshore vessels operating across six ports in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Global Gases – Behavioural Safety campaign – A series of tools, campaigns, competitions, and communication activity